Our Content Display Ad has been empowering reach and engagement of branded content for top tier brands across different verticals. We have been achieving great results within travel and tourism industry and are proud to share the success story of Visit Costa Brava campaign, which leveraged CDA to package all their content efforts and distribute them to premium publishers in a highly engaging ad unit.

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The Costa Brava - a coastal region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain - is a popular holiday destination with its good summer climate, nature, and excellent beaches where packaged holiday tours are sold to France and Northern Europe. However, due to the sociopolitical situation in Catalonia in the last year, there was a substantial decline of French tourists, which is also the main international market for the region.

Working with Medialog agency, the tourism office of the region of Costa Brava initiated an advertising campaign targeting France in order to win back the hearts of the French tourists.

"CDA enables us to accelerate reach of branded content beyond social media borders and achieve very high user engagement!"

Philipp Fürst, Director, Medialog (Prev. GM, Zenith Barcelona)


Medialog’s strategy was to prioritize content marketing over conventional display, and emotion over rational messaging in order to combat the negative perceptions towards the region due to last year's complicated sociopolitical situation.

A large volume of content (photos, videos, articles) was created by Visit Costa Brava tourism board and long-tail influencers. Content was pushed accross social media channels and premium travel-related publications in France.

Medialog chose CDA as a key tool to repackage all content efforts across all digital channels and guarantee reach in a highly engaging and interactive ad format.

One of many CDA ad formats created by Medialog


CDA’s overall CTR was 4.79%, or 20x higher than their regular banners!

The campaign ran as both standard display banners and the CDA
format. The images being used as banner ads were also packaged in the CDA
unit as call-to-actions (CTA) to drive traffic to booking sites.

In the CDA unit these CTAs were 3x more engaged with than the regular banners.(0.79% CTR vs 0.23% CTR)