Christmas is just around the corner - the most wonderful time of the year. The time when everybody spends a lot of money and rushes to buy those last-minute Christmas presents. And the time for every businesses to capitalize on this festive season. Yes, every campaign takes a bit of planning ahead of time. But it's never too late to start! This article will give you four tips on how to make the most out of this season. But first, take a breath!

1. Budget: pace and push

Don't spend your budget all at once! People prepare and buy Christmas presents weeks before Christmas. It's a month long of preparation so take a part of your Christmas campaign budget and pace it evenly. A good rule of thumb is to activate your Christmas campaign right after Black Friday in order to continue the halo effect of spreading your business online presence and increase awareness.

Furthermore, kick off your Christmas campaign early helps keep your brand stay on stop of mind of those last-minute shoppers, who would buy anything they can think of just a day before Christmas. With that being said, you should allocate a bigger part of your budget to the period from 18th to 24th of December because this is a critical period when every businesses compete for customers' attention. The price in this period is therefore higher, but that also goes with higher rewards in sales.

2. Channels: Mix it up

Don't spend your budget all at once, and don’t spend it all on just one channel.
Social media has been the go-to channel for the majority of small-and-medium businesses as the platforms are self-serviced and don't require a big minimum budget. The best marketing strategy, however, should include different channels in order to maximize the potential of reaching your target audience. Businesses have been neglecting to leverage the great effectiveness of advertising on online newspapers for their marketing efforts.

Back in the days, it was a hassle to put up a piece of advertisement on local news sites with a lot of back and forth with sales agent which could take up to a week before your ad could go live. But thanks to advanced technology and simple ad tool like Solo, businesses can do that within just a couple of minutes, much easier and faster than any social media channels.

3. Wow your customers with your creativity

Everybody is creative and it doesn't require advanced designing skills and softwares to create an attractive piece of advertisement. There are a lot of free resources online where you can find a nice photo and edit them to your likings.

Don't just sell your products or services. Sell your brand - sell the excitement, the warm fuzzy Christmas feelings your customers will get if they purchase your brand. Remember to sharpen up your headlines to get your message across.

4. Track everything

Remember to set up tracking properly and tag your creative using UTM parameters in a way that can help you easily distinguish them on your chosen Analytics platform. This will help you identify what works and what doesn't work in this year campaign in order to prepare for the next year. If you haven't set up Analytics for tracking conversions, check out this blog post.

Hopefully, this post gave you some practical tips to kick off your Christmas campaign and get the most out of it. It's never too late to run Christmas campaign as long as tomorrow is not the 24th of December yet. So let's get started now and push your first ad live on trusted news sites in just a couple of minutes with Solo.

Kick off my Christmas campaign now!