The state of digital advertising has changed rapidly in the last couple of years. It is now so heavily dominated by Facebook and Google that most small-and-medium business owners would immediately associate digital advertising to only Facebook ads and Google ads.

Businesses are flooding their advertising budget to those channels because it's easy to do and everybody is on there. Well, there are more to digital advertising than just Facebook and Google. There is still the news medium which small-and-medium business owners have been neglecting to leverage for their marketing mix. This article will gives you reasons why you should spend part of your digital advertising budget on news sites.

Newspapers are trusted

Newspapers is the oldest form of mass media and they have been responsible for reporting credible and thorough everyday stories and issues on local, regional, and global level. Local news publishers work extremely hard to maintain a positive relationships with their local community and build a loyal reader base. As a publisher's reputation grows, the community places more trust and reliance on the news, which in turn gives a halo effect on advertising in this medium.

A study by Nielsen measuring consumers' trust in advertising shows that ads on newspapers, magazines, and television are among the most trusted forms of paid advertising. In Norway, research agency Respons Analyse conducted a survey among 2602 respondents in Norway in 2017 which shows that Norwegians have 2.5 times higher favorability and 3 times higher trust towards ads on local newspapers comparing to Facebook.

Trusted context + more engaged audience

News provides a valuable advertising context which gives a halo effect on your brands and make your brands seem more trustworthy and reputable. On top of this, newspapers in its nature require readers to be active and engaged in order to process the news content. Therefore, readers are more attentive to the news medium which makes it more likely for the ad to be noticed.  

According to a research from Newsworks and the Association for Online Publishing, ads that appear alongside premium editorial content are processed by the brain more effectively than those that appear alongside social, achieving 17% longer view duration and 29% higher levels of engagement.

Source: Newsworks

Native ad format: less annoying and intrusive

Yes, those display banners and pop-up ads are so annoying and intrusive. However, the majority of newspapers have integrated a new form of advertising called native advertising, which has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways of engaging with users in an advertising context.

And it works! Comparing to the obsolete display advertising, studies show that native ad format is not only more visually attractive to the viewers but also contributes to 9% lift in consumers' brand preference and 18% lift in purchase intent. And best of all, it's more cost-effective than display ads.

And it's as easy to do it yourself as Facebook

Advanced advertising technology, called programmatic advertising, allows businesses to place ads on a variety of online news which can go live in just a couple of hours. However, the current tools for programmatic advertising are too sophisticated to use and it requires a rather high minimum budget per campaign. Right now, only the big companies and media agencies have the capability and the budget to use programmatic while the smaller companies have to go through the hassle of contacting the local news themselves.

But that is not the state anymore!

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