Did you know that having a good image for you ad is tremendously important to successfully grab viewers’ attention and gain more engagement with them? On Twitter, tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images, and on Facebook, posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.

If you do not have the skills and the budget to hire a pro photographer or a designer, there are still two ways to create an image for your ad. You can either find some images on the Internet and edit, or take your own photos.

Let us give you some tips to start with, independently of the above option you choose.

1. Images should be relevant to your message

Your image should help the readers in understanding the key message you are trying to convey. If you are trying to sell a product, it's a good idea to use an image of your product in the context that it can be used. If you're selling services that are intangible, it's ok to use symbolic images that are relevant. For example, dental clinics can use image of a person smiling to imply that this is the smile you can achieve after visiting their clinics.

2. Humanize your brand

Photos of people showing emotions often capture viewers' attention better as your customers can connect and relate to your brand easily through facial expressions. If possible, show images of people benefiting from your product, instead of  just the product itself.

On image 1, the fruits look nice right? But it is a little bit cold, while on image 2 the seller and the customer are exchanging, it’s more engaging.

3. Focus on what matters

Remember to crop your image tightly around the part that is important and relevant to your message. Don't fit too much details and information into a single piece of ad. Instead, make sure that what you are trying to sell is put in focus so to quickly grab viewers' attention.

4. Consider colors carefully

Branding is important so make sure the colors that you choose is consistent and fit with your brand image. Your ad might be placed among an endless stream of content, all screaming for attention. So use bright and bold colors to make your ad stand out from the crowd.

Image 1 seems a little bit lusterless, while image 2 is bright pink.

5. Use the largest, highest resolution image possible

Even if you are making just a small ad, use the best possible resolution. You can always resize to make the image smaller. But if you want to enlarge a low-resolution image, it will lose its quality become pixelated and grainy.      

We hope this post helped you create your new perfect ad image! If you don't know how to take photographs or the budget to hire a professional, check out this blog post for some free online photo sources and free editing tools.