Wondering how to write striking headlines to catch your customers’ attention? On the average, five times as many people read the headline as reading the body copy. Let us give you some tips to become a pro!

Rachel Sanders / BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.com

1. Include numbers or statistics works

It sounds obscure but it has been proven that headlines with some numbers are easier for the brain to process because it helps us manage expectations, such as expected price for a product, expected performance, expected key takeaways… But don't force numbers if they don't make sense to your overall key message or too arbitrary.

2. Ask a question

Another trick to attract your targeted customers is by asking a question. For sure they will be curious to find the answer to their question, so there is a higher chance they will click on!

3. Keep it short!

Another trick is to keep your headline simple and short, as yes, length matters for practical reasons. Keep your headline to maximum eight words. Don't try to over sell or be overly pretentious. Think about small screens (mobile devices): what translates well on a large screen does not translate as well on a smaller one (the format is different and the size of a thumbnail). No blurry message or you will lose the attention of your audience!

4. Play with emotions

You should make your headline sound fun and exciting in order to grab people attention. Think about what is the emotion you want your customer to feel when seeing your ad and use strong emotional adjectives to get your customers' interest.

5. Use negation

Yes using negation in your headline will make people’s head buzzing! Negative words tap into our insecurities in a powerful way, and in a headline, negation is an unexpected thing. Make your consumers curious to find out about your article with words like “stop” or “don’t avoid”.

Be sure to use these 5 tips to create an image that delivers your headline better!